Prom + Socks 'n Crocs

I got asked to take some prom pictures last night, and obviously I agreed. I mean, the weather was perfect to be outside, and on the biggest day of these kids life (so far) who wouldn't want to join the parents and be these kids very own paparazzi? 

I won't even lie - I had a ton of fun. When I was in prom season, it was like my wedding day of high school. And my pictures were iffy and our group was too big. I know my mom is technology challenged (sorry mare,) and my pictures weren't up to my standards but then again I'm a photographer. These kids were so excited to have me around and the parents were too so I could pose them and everything went smoothly. 

A few of my lacrosse girls were in this group and one of them had a grand idea to execute the 'merica theme. Her boyfriend had on American flag socks and she had patriotic Crocs. As much as I hate Crocs, they totally rocked it and it looked awesome. Check out the pictures above!