Mr. + Mrs. Czubek!

Mike and Sara have been patiently waiting this day for a long while. I met the girls at Escapade Salon where they were all hanging around in pink robes, talking about the day and enjoying a drink out of the matching cups that Sara had gotten them as gifts.

When we got Sara to the East Side Club and into the bridal suite she had to hold back the tears and nerves. She couldn’t eat her lunch she was so nervous. When Sara saw her dad, the tears were coming from both of them. The look on Mike’s face was a total wow face when he saw Sara for the first time that day as she walked down the isle.

After the ceremony we hopped on the bus and took a trip down to the Capitol. The ride was filled with some Jimmy John’s subs, ice cold water and Bud Light. The night continued on back at the East Side Club with dinner, dancing and drinks and a special appearance from Bucky!

Meet Sara + Mike Czubek!


Vendor's from their perfect day!

Bride’s Dress + Bridesmaid Dresses: Brides n Belles  |  Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse  |  Hair and Makeup: Escapade Salon  |  Flowers: Felly's Flowers  |  Invites + Stationary: Paper Piper  |  Caterer: Gaylord Catering  |  Ice Cream Cake: Chocolate Shoppe  |  Ceremony + Reception: The East Side Club |  DJ + Photobooth: DJ Magic Entertainment

(Surprise) Welcome Home!

I had gotten an SOS type text from Madeline, Joe's girlfriend about two weeks ago asking if I was working the 11th, and surprisingly I had off. Joe was returning to Wisconsin on Sunday after spending time in California serving our country.

Joe's mom was planning a surprise welcome back party for him, which included the Honor Guard as well. His mom wanted a photographer and Madeline asked me if I would do it. Obviously I would. Who would turn down something so meaningful to such a good friend?

Madeline had planned to go out there the previous Thursday through that Sunday, spending time with Joe and his last few days in California. While she was there, Joe's family, friends and neighbors gathered together arranging a surprise party among his return.

The texts started coming every few minutes as Madeline was sending updates on what their location was while Joe was sitting next to her in the car. Madeline and Joe and Joe's parents made the final few miles back to their house from the O'Hare airport. Family and friends gathered along the street that was lined with American flags. Two motorcycles went down to the start of their street where they would lead the family mini-van the rest of the way down the street and around the cul-de-sac circle where he would be greeted by everyone.

Joe was not a happy camper when he realized what was going on, but in the end I think he was totally okay with it.

BFF: Mary & Sydney

Meet Mary & Sydney.

They've been best friends since for the last 12 years, since elementary school when they were in kindergarten together.

I asked them the same few questions and didn't tell them I was asking both of them; here are their answers.

Mary's answers about Sydney:
What's your favorite thing about Sydney?: "The fact that we're like sisters."
What are you gonna miss the most about her when you're at different colleges?: "Being able to drive a minute down the street and seeing her, being able to hug her when I'm sad or go shopping for no reason."
What's her favorite food?: "Fettuccine Alfredo." (Syd said her favorite food was pasta)

Sydney's answers about Mary:

What's your favorite thing about Mary: "The way she makes me laugh! I never laugh harder than when we're together."
What are you gonna miss the most about her when you're at different colleges: "Whenever we need each other we are literally less than a mile away. We are exactly about a minute away from each other!"
What's her favorite food: "Anything spicy - probs Penne Rosa with Parm at Noodles. She's also a fan of Cajun seasoned eggs and buffalo chicken tenders. Favorite snack is hands down flaming hots...she's addicted." (Mary said her favorite food was Spaghetti...)