Senior: Joanna + Collin

Meet Joanna:

School: Madison La Follette
Dream job: Pediatrician
Hidden talent: I can say the alphabet backwards
Favorite class: Health sciences
Dream car: Range Rover

Meet Collin:

School: Madison La Follette
Dream job: CEO
Sports and clubs: Basketball, baseball, Key Club
Favorite app on your phone: Clash of Clans
Five words that describe you: tall, smart, athletic, funny, swaggy

Meet Jo + Collin:


Meet Bryant and Alysa:

I had taken a picture of Bryant and Alysa at a Fourth of July party, and it wasn't a real thought out photo, it was just kinda like, "hey" - click. Bryant later saw the picture and told Alysa that he wouldn't mind some more "fancy" photos.

After a couple weeks had gone by, the three of us ended up getting tickets to Country Thunder and Whitewater (where they both attend college) was the half way point between there and Madison. We ended up staying there to split the drive. I was planning on going down early and staying longer, so I asked Bryant if he would want to take some pictures. I have never seen a guy so excited to get his picture taken. Holy moly. Leading up to that day, he kept send me SnapChats of ideas he had. I hadn't looked at my phone for a while and when I did, I had like a two minute snap from him of all these ideas he had for himself, and him and Alysa together. I had mentioned it to Alysa and she just laughed. Needless to say, we had some fun and put some of those ideas to use.

When I'm with these two, they make my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.