Senior: Addie

Addie and I trolled around the Epic campus. That place is huge, and awesome and gave us plenty of options for backdrops.

Meet Addie:

School: Monona Grove
Favorite food: Mongolian
Hidden talent: I can touch my tounge to my nose
Dream job: Business/Marketing teacher
Favorite app on your phone: SnapChat
Favorite Song: Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

Senior: Seth

I got to start senior picture season with the goofiest kid I have ever met.

Meet Seth:

School: Madison La Follette
Dream school: University of Michigan or UW-Lacrosse
Dream job: Spiderman
Favorite app on your phone: Twitter
Person you want to meet the most: Machine Gun Kelly or Morgan Freeman
5 words that describe you: Caring, loyal, athletic, tired, cool

Seth had his mom and I cracking up the whole time we were trying to shoot!

Senior: Darin

Meet Darin:

School: Madison La Follette High School
Favorite food: Chicken wings
Dream school: Arizona State
Dream job: Chiropractor
Favorite app on your phone: Twitter and Soundcloud

Darin's little sister Dani joined him on a few pictures. They were so good with each other - no bickering or being mean to each other. They're mom even cried when I took the shot below on the left. She had to walk away and regroup.

BFF: Mary & Sydney

Meet Mary & Sydney.

They've been best friends since for the last 12 years, since elementary school when they were in kindergarten together.

I asked them the same few questions and didn't tell them I was asking both of them; here are their answers.

Mary's answers about Sydney:
What's your favorite thing about Sydney?: "The fact that we're like sisters."
What are you gonna miss the most about her when you're at different colleges?: "Being able to drive a minute down the street and seeing her, being able to hug her when I'm sad or go shopping for no reason."
What's her favorite food?: "Fettuccine Alfredo." (Syd said her favorite food was pasta)

Sydney's answers about Mary:

What's your favorite thing about Mary: "The way she makes me laugh! I never laugh harder than when we're together."
What are you gonna miss the most about her when you're at different colleges: "Whenever we need each other we are literally less than a mile away. We are exactly about a minute away from each other!"
What's her favorite food: "Anything spicy - probs Penne Rosa with Parm at Noodles. She's also a fan of Cajun seasoned eggs and buffalo chicken tenders. Favorite snack is hands down flaming hots...she's addicted." (Mary said her favorite food was Spaghetti...)