Engagement: Mike & Sara

I've known Sara for a handful of years and when I heard she was engaged I was so excited! I had met Mike maybe once before but I was so happy that he was going to be joining the Wirsbinski clan!

We started at sunrise at Hilldale and it was cold enough to see our breath and my fingers had their first cold session of the year. The rest of the morning was spent at Picnic Point, downtown at the Tipsy Cow where they got engaged, (we stopped for some coffee there too), the Engineering building (since they're both engineers) and finished at their venue for the wedding at the East Side Club. I'm so excited to have them be my first wedding come June!

Meet soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Czubek!

Senior: Darin

Meet Darin:

School: Madison La Follette High School
Favorite food: Chicken wings
Dream school: Arizona State
Dream job: Chiropractor
Favorite app on your phone: Twitter and Soundcloud

Darin's little sister Dani joined him on a few pictures. They were so good with each other - no bickering or being mean to each other. They're mom even cried when I took the shot below on the left. She had to walk away and regroup.

BFF: Mary & Sydney

Meet Mary & Sydney.

They've been best friends since for the last 12 years, since elementary school when they were in kindergarten together.

I asked them the same few questions and didn't tell them I was asking both of them; here are their answers.

Mary's answers about Sydney:
What's your favorite thing about Sydney?: "The fact that we're like sisters."
What are you gonna miss the most about her when you're at different colleges?: "Being able to drive a minute down the street and seeing her, being able to hug her when I'm sad or go shopping for no reason."
What's her favorite food?: "Fettuccine Alfredo." (Syd said her favorite food was pasta)

Sydney's answers about Mary:

What's your favorite thing about Mary: "The way she makes me laugh! I never laugh harder than when we're together."
What are you gonna miss the most about her when you're at different colleges: "Whenever we need each other we are literally less than a mile away. We are exactly about a minute away from each other!"
What's her favorite food: "Anything spicy - probs Penne Rosa with Parm at Noodles. She's also a fan of Cajun seasoned eggs and buffalo chicken tenders. Favorite snack is hands down flaming hots...she's addicted." (Mary said her favorite food was Spaghetti...)